EXCLUSIVE! Kirti Kulhari is not quitting acting: Just moving away from Mumbai, this city makes life feel like a struggle

Be it at the professional front or in personal life, trust Kirti Kulhari to always take you by surprise with her unconventional choices. Recently, the actor created a lot of buzz when she debuted in a crew cut. And now, with a video of constructing a new house in the woods, she has left everyone guessing if she is moving away from Mumbai and acting career.

Acor Kirti Kulhari is building a home away the chaos of Mumbai’s city life.

The actor clears the air and in an exclusive conversation tells us, “I don’t have to quit one thing to have something else. I’m very much going to be acting and producing [films] as well. And I’m also going to have a life for myself that I truly wish for. The plan is to move out of Mumbai in the next couple of years.” However, the actor will think about the practicality of the situation when the right time comes, as her work will “always keep me connected with Mumbai”.

Prod further on her decision to build a home coexisting with nature and the 37-year-old reveals that the idea sprouted around five years ago while she was on a trip to Goa. “I realised I was getting a little tired of city life. Mumbai is beautiful, but this city makes life feel like a struggle. No matter which strata [of the society] you belong to, or how much you earn, the living conditions are not the most exciting and it ends up becoming more of surviving in the city. I just got quite fascinated with the idea of living outside of Mumbai,” shares the actor, adding that she was introduced her to this beautiful location called Vaara, situated about 100 kilometers on the Western Express Highway going towards Gujarat which she bought for the construction for her new house.

In the social media post she shared, the actor also shared that she would name her new abode Kantara, which she has taken from the popular Kannada film of the same name. She reasons, “I was quite intrigued by what the name means — a mystical forest. That’s beautiful. And people in that film live life in a very simple way, which is also my ideology. I’ve been working on the design [for the house] for the last one and a half years and finally, I’m set for the construction.”

For those who have been following the actor’s social media timeline, they’d notice most of her recent posts with the hashtag ‘new beginnings’. The Four More Shots Please! actor tells us, “It just seems to be the theme of my life right now and I love the idea,” she quips, adding, “Another new beginning was that I just shifted to a new house, a rented house in Mumbai.”

Does these new beginnings have got anything to do with her separation (that happened in 2021) and moving on in life? “It’s the new me. I am discovering myself everyday. It has got nothing to do with my past,” she continues, “Being in the marriage was me finding my space. Not being in the marriage was me finding my space. Now finding a home is also me finding my space, so I think we’re all somewhere figuring it out as we go along.”

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