EXCLUSIVE: Amit Tandon writing a web series based on real estate scams in Delhi

Comedian Amit Tandon is opening a new chapter of his career by writing script for a web series, and it is not at all a laughing matter. In fact, he has picked the world of real estate scams in Delhi as the subject for his project.

At the moment, he is writing the web series, which is yet to be named and is currently under development. He has decided to explore the impact of the scams on people’s lives with lighter tones, with the series being in a comedy-drama genre.

“I write my own material, so I thought why not take the next step of writing a full-fledged story. The storyline for the show is based in Delhi. Since it’s my home, I’m well versed with local stories… I would be adding my personal observations too. I have always entertained people with jokes and I will also do so through the show with a hint and flair of drama to suit the nuances of digital storytelling,” he says.

But does the idea of the show stem from a personal experience? “It’s not a first person personal account. But I have seen it happening around me… My uncles, friends and people live around us, who have gone through these problems, and lost money and properties many times,” he says, adding, “Real estate scam is probably the biggest scam which happens to people almost on a daily basis. It is very relatable that way. We all have heard some or the other story about it”.

At the moment, he is meeting several real estate developers and property dealers in Delhi for the story, which will be based on several real-life accounts. However, he is being extra cautious while capturing the reality for the OTT screen.

“We will not be using real names and stuff. It will be based on real life accounts. I am meeting a lot of people to get the stories right. I want to be right in terms of legality as well. I don’t want to say anything in thin air, instead back it with logic,” reveals the comedian.

When it comes to the script, it is nearing completion, and following that he will pitch it to the major OTT players in the market.

“Right now, I haven’t spoken about it to anyone. I am First putting together the concept on paper first. Once I am confident, I will start going around. I am confident that people will be interested in it,” he concludes.

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