Enthusiasm of Ganesh Chaturthi Shri Ganesh of crores of business: Violators adorned more than a thousand shops, dazzling in the market

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Ujjain. Ganesh Chaturthi, the birth anniversary of the first revered Lord Ganesha in the city of Mahakal, will be celebrated with pomp on Wednesday, August 31. After two years, social organizations have made preparations to give a grand look to the ten-day event. Its effect is also being seen in the market. Business of crores is estimated this year. People have now increased the demand for eco-friendly Ganesh idols to be placed in homes. In different areas of the city, more than a thousand statue shops are available from two inches to 9 feet made of clay. Their price also ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 1 lakh.

For the establishment of Lord Ganesha, the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated in an auspicious time on Wednesday. This year the market is looking bright due to the absence of Corona restrictions. Traders are also expecting good business. Preparations are going on for the public Ganeshotsav along with houses and temples to make Lord Shri Ganesha incarnate. Statues of Ganpati Bappa are decorated in the markets of major areas of the city. The idols of 9 to 10 feet to be kept in the pandals have been prepared according to the booking. Their booking was done several days in advance. The delivery of big idols is also being done from the warehouse. Large statues are not decorated in shops.

Enthusiasm among shopkeepers, hope for business of crores

Due to the active corona epidemic last year for Ganesh Utsav, there was a slowdown in the market of Shri Ganesh Chaturthi. This time there is a lot of enthusiasm among the shopkeepers from the artisans who prepare the idol of Lord Shri Ganesh. The special thing is that many shopkeepers have also offered to give home delivery of the idol of Lord Shri Ganesh this time. More than one thousand Ganesh idol shops are adorned in the city. Regarding which the traders said that this time the market is looking bright. The city’s Gopal Mandir, Biavani, Kanthal, Municipal Corporation Complex, Coal Gate, Freeganj, Shaheed Park, Nanakheda area are prominent. The special thing is that this time clay idols are being sold in small and big shops. This time the demand for eco-friendly Bhagwa Ganesh idol is highest in the market.

decorated shops

The price of clay statue intensified
The prices of clay idols are high at the Ganesh idol shops in the city. Mohit Raje, who set up a shop in the coal gate area, said that after two years, enthusiasm has been seen in organizing Ganesh Utsav. By the way, this time the cost of clay idols ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 1 lakh for big idols. However, the idols that are placed in the houses are small, up to a maximum of 2 to 3 feet. Larger idols than this are enshrined in the pandals. Apart from the artisans who make statues in the city, idols are also brought to the city from Bengal, Maharashtra, Calcutta, Jaipur, Agar.

crowd on major roads

crowd on major roads

Shops of worship materials also adorned
To beautify the idol of Lord Ganesha, worship and decoration shops have also been decorated in the city. These shops include Lord Ganesha’s garland of pearls, turban, body cloth, laying cloth, jewellery. According to the size, the cost of garland and makeup material ranges from Rs.10 to Rs.200.

There was a jump in the price of Modak and Laddu
The sale of laddus and modaks increases from Ganesh Chaturthi to Ganesh Visarjan celebrations. The favorite bhog of Lord Ganesha is also modaks and laddus. Apart from Boondi in pure ghee, the price of Mawa Mishri Laddu is Rs 400 to 560 per kg at the famous sweet shops of the city. Modak made in the same pure ghee is Rs 500 per kg.

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