Effect of rain: stagnation of growth of Rabi crop, waterlogged fields, problem in estimating damages

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The rain has stopped in the district for the last 5 days, but ironically, due to the rains, the growth of Rabi crops has been severely affected, especially soybean and maize. Here, on the instructions of the Relief Commissioner, the assessment of the damage has started in the district, but there is a problem in conducting the survey in the fields filled with water.

Significantly, in the last few days, there was heavy rain in the entire state. Due to incessant rains, rivers, streams had come in spate and ponds and dams had left their banks. Here the fields were also flooded, for which the efforts of the farmers proved to be futile.

Presently also the situation is that even though the rain has stopped for the last 5 days, the fields are full of water. In such a situation, on the instructions of the Relief Commissioner, there is a huge problem in the survey of crop damage. According to the officials, on the instructions of the government, the staff of Revenue, Agriculture and Rural Development Department is engaged in the survey, but during the survey, the biggest problem is the fields that have become ponds. Here the farmers say that due to continuous rains the fields have been filled with water and the crops have rotted, due to which the crop is not growing.

Survey will be done in the coming 7 days

Officials say that at present it is not possible to say how much damage has been caused by the rains in Neemuch district, but in the coming 7 days, as soon as the survey is completed, the figures of damage will come out. It was believed that this time the production will be good, but due to continuous rains, the root of the crop has rotted, which has stopped the growth of the plants. Now if there is no rain, there is some hope, but if it rains, the farmers will suffer, which will also affect the production.

On the other hand, Agriculture Welfare Deputy Director Dinesh Mandloi says that at present the Revenue, Agriculture and Panchayat Department is jointly engaged in the survey of crop damage. How much damage has been done, it will be clear only after the completion of the survey, but initially it can definitely be said that due to the rain water in the fields, the survey is facing problems. In addition, water has also affected the growth of the crop.

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