DM held monthly review meeting of prosecution works: Orders for early disposal of old cases, responsibility will be fixed on negligence

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In Gonda, under the chairmanship of DM Dr. Ujjwal Kumar, the monthly review meeting of the prosecution works was held in the collectorate auditorium. In the review meeting, the DM directed that maximum number of culprits should be punished by doing effective lobbying in the cases of serious nature.

The DM said that a message should be sent to the criminals that they cannot escape punishment even after committing the smallest crime. The DM also directed that the witnesses coming for evidence in the court should be examined 100 percent and in acquittal cases, appeal proceedings should also be ensured as per rules.

Various issues were discussed in the meeting
During the review meeting, necessary guidelines were also given after reviewing the works like e-procedure, data feeding, summons, etc. The DM reviewed the presence of the witnesses in the courts and the reasons for their being hostile to the government advocates and prosecution officers present.
The DM held a meeting with the officials in the collectorate auditorium room.

The DM held a meeting with the officials in the collectorate auditorium room.

DM said summons should be time bound
The DM told the Police Department and the Prosecution Department that the service of summons should be time bound. Maximum number of witnesses should be examined before the courts. It should be ensured in every case that the witnesses are not returned without reason. The percentage of punishment should be increased by successful prosecution in the pending cases in the courts. So that the old cases pending in the courts can be disposed of at the earliest.

Strict instructions were given to all after meeting
DM Dr Ujjwal Kumar said that strict instructions have been given to everyone after holding the meeting. The old cases pending in the court should be disposed of at the earliest. Don’t be careless. Responsibility will be fixed in case of negligence.

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