Did Liz Truss say anything after being elected UK’s PM?

Liz Truss UK PM: Liz Truss has been elected Prime Minister of Britain. He defeated his nearest rival Rishi Sunak by a margin of 20927 votes. Truss got a total of 81,326 votes, while his rival Rishi Sunak got 60,399 votes. Addressing the people of Britain as soon as she won her election, she said that I will take tough decisions.

Liz Truss said that she will take tough decisions to strengthen the British economy after the global pandemic Corona. He said that his priority is to improve the economy and also deal with the emerging energy crisis in the country. She said that she will work closely with all countries.

What did Liz say about Boris Johnson?
Truss thanked former PM Boris Johnson, saying that Boris you did Brexit, you defeated Jeremy Corbyn, you brought the vaccine and you showed the courage to stand before Vladimir Putin. People love you from Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) to Carlisle (a city in Britain). In Britain, he said that we need to show that we will do a better job in the next two years.

What did the rival Rishi Sunak say on Liz’s victory?
On the victory of Liz Truss, his rival Rishi Sunak said that I thank all the people who voted for me. We are all one family and now after the results are out, we are united behind our new PM Liz Trull as she is working to take the country forward in this difficult time.

Companion leaders also congratulated
Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross congratulated Liz Truss on her victory. He said that now that the election of leadership is over, our country should focus on tackling bigger challenges in the times to come. He said that even before this Truss has shown his combativeness in his career. While being the Foreign Minister, he took a stand on many important issues.

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