Designing a home for a newly-wed couple? Here are decor trends to look out for

Marriage is the beginning of an entirely new chapter in one’s life where creating new memories, setting new goals, pursuing better experiences and chasing dreams together are part of a new phase of a couple‘s life after wedding. Various decisions are to be made and many changes are to be implemented to create the ground base for a happy and smooth newly-wed life and one of the couple’s most delightful and dream-come-true moment is to design and decorate their home and build life together in their home happily.

The bedroom of a newly-wed couple is a place to celebrate love and romance after going through the often intimidating nuptials. Our homes, being an extension of our personalities, also need to go through a major change to ensure both the partners feel connected to their space hence, to make a home suitable for a newly-wed couple, one must research for styles that both partners love and feel connected to.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sapna Aggarwal, Creative Director at ANSA Architecture and Interiors, suggested, “In bedrooms, a luxurious and good-quality bed is a must. Added attention must be paid to the mattress as it’s important for a comfortable sleep. Soft curves and warmer shades are not only trending at the moment but are recommended for a newly-wed couple’s home. The home must utilize soft and mood lights to create a welcoming and romantic atmosphere for the couple. Use bright lighting in the kitchen and study. Add warmth using table lamps and wall lights.”

She pointed out, “Velvet curtains create a sensual feel. Soft woollen rugs must be used, especially in winter. Round mirrors are in trend at this time and can be used to add sensuality and depth to the rooms. Colours like lavender and violet can be used to accentuate the decor of the space. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the aroma by using candles, potpourri and aroma oil burners to set the right mood. Ensure the space is designed to hide all the clutter. Minimal style design is a must. In the end, the home’s design must reflect the personality of the couple, especially the bedrooms must be designed to reflect their love, togetherness and romance rather than their singular personalities.”

Adding to the list of decor trends to look out for when designing a home for a newly-wed couple, Ar Mehtab Alam Ansari, Principal Architect and Interior Designer at Foundation Constructions in Ludhiana, recommended:

1. The first thumb rule is to incorporate elements that define your personality, not individually, but as a couple. Designing a new home requires managing both style and budget. The paint and colour you choose play an important role in highlighting all the other decors and designs. Choose the colours that soothe the atmosphere and brings an aesthetic look. Use wallpapers and different designs to upgrade the game.

2. Create a beautiful wall to display your beautiful story in your bedroom. What better way to preserve your marriage memories than to engrave or depict them on a wall? Have a creative outlook and give life to your memories. This will help you relive those romantic and beautiful memories daily.

3. Invest in statement furniture pieces. Keep the furniture to the minimum so that you have more space. Additionally, less furniture means you can afford better and more comfortable furniture. Look for furniture that looks not only good but also feels good.

4. Do not forget to have an eco-friendly touch. Modern and luxurious design is the trend, but nothing comes close to the beauty of nature. Create a small garden in your balcony and place some plants around the house. Sharing a cup of coffee or sitting on the swing will become your daily routine.

5. Light up in love. Lights that are dimmable and have a variety of colours are perfect for a newly-wed home. The perfect lights, an amazing partner, a romantic song– one doesn’t need anything more to set up the right mood.

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