Delivery at Hospital Gate in Jalandhar: Staff kept on eating; busy on the phone; Pregnant felt pain, said – take a walk

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On one hand the government is claiming to provide health facilities to the people at their homes by opening mohalla clinics. On the other hand, the staff posted in the hospitals is seen revealing the claims of the government. In the biggest civil hospital of Jalandhar on Sunday night, a pregnant woman gave birth to a child at the gate of the civil hospital in her 7th month pregnancy.
People telling about misbehavior of hospital staff

People telling about misbehavior of hospital staff

The woman’s husband and accompanying relatives say that he reached the civil hospital at 6 in the evening. He told the problem to the hospital staff that there is pain only in the 7th month of pregnancy, but no one cares from the doctors to the staff. Everyone kept saying that start the treatment now. After an hour and a half at 7:30, the staff started the paper formality.

Family showing video of delivery at the gate

Family showing video of delivery at the gate

After this, when the pain became unbearable, he again requested the staff, but by then it was 10 o’clock in the night and the new shift of the staff came. The attitude of the staff who came in the night shift was so bad that seeing their behavior, the family members who reached the civil hospital with the woman got upset. The night staff was busy eating the food. Instead of doing a checkup, said that the woman should be taken for a walk.

Women reporting complaints about staff

Women reporting complaints about staff

Relatives say that as soon as the woman was brought out of the stretcher outside the hospital, she was delivered. Outside the hospital, women got the delivery done by wearing dupattas. When the hospital staff was asked about this, their behavior was not good. They started saying that they had been asked to refer them to Amritsar, but they did not agree. When asked about her treatment, no one answered, but kept on talking with someone on her mobile.

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