Debina Bonnerjee says she felt ‘awkward’ buying a pregnancy test kit: ‘Everyone knew I just had a baby’

Debina Bonnerjee, who is expecting her second child with Gurmeet Choudhary, has revealed that she felt awkward buying a pregnancy test kit because she had a baby just a few months ago. Debina opened up about the surprise pregnancy in a recent vlog and repeated that she and Gurmeet had not planned it. Also Read| Debina Bonnerjee reacts as Instagram user says she should have waited for second baby

Debina and Gurmeet Choudhary welcomed their first child, daughter Lianna, through IVF in April this year. They announced earlier this month that they are expecting their second child, just a few months after Debina delivered a baby. In her recent vlog, Debina shared her experience of finding out about the pregnancy and her and Gurmeet’s shocked reaction to it.

Debina, who is three months into her pregnancy, said in the vlog, “Nearly a month after Lianna was born, I was feeling a little unwell. It wasn’t that I had any symptoms like nausea but I was feeling very tired. I told myself that it was because I have a young child, that the days were very hectic, and I had not taken any rest. So I ignored it, but I kept feeling a bit uneasy. I am very aware of my body and I can figure out if something is wrong. I felt different. I told my husband Gurmeet and even he advised me to take rest. But I was getting more tired, I thought I have to check if I am pregnant or not.”

The actor added, “I even felt a bit awkward going to a medical store and buying a pregnancy kit because everyone, the whole world knows I just had a baby. So I just ordered it online.” Recalling her initial reaction to a positive pregnancy test, Debina shared, “I was shocked, I was extremely happy, I did not know what to do next, these were the three feelings I went through. I was extremely happy because in the past 5 -7 years I lived with the thought deep inside me that my body has lost the natural capacity to conceive. My body is not up to the mark.” She also shared that Gurmeet was more shocked than her at the news and found it hard to believe even after the doctor found a heartbeat in a scan.

Debina had previously slammed the trolls who said she should have waited before getting pregnant for the second time. Responding to a user who suggested her the same as she faced difficulties in her first pregnancy, Debina wrote, “What is your suggestion in such a situation I call miracle? ABORT?”

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