Daughters performed son’s duty in Ashoknagar: gave shoulder to father’s carnival, gave last farewell by lighting fire in Muktidham

Ashoknagar22 minutes ago

Daughters are also no less than sons in the society. The latest example of this has come out from Ashoknagar. Where in the absence of a son, two daughters fulfilled the full duty of being a son. From which it can be said that it is no longer necessary to have a son. Daughters are no less than sons.

A 53-year-old man had died due to illness in Ashoknagar. The deceased had 2 daughters. Due to not having a son, the daughters performed the duty of the son and shouldered the dead body in the last journey of the father. He went to Muktidham and gave his last farewell to his father by offering fire. A video of which has also surfaced.

Rajiv Jain, 53, living on Krishi Upaj Mandi Road, was a kidney patient. Went to Bhopal by train to get dialysis done with wife. 2 days ago I was returning back to Ashoknagar after returning from Bhopal Jodhpur train. During this, there was a brain hemorrhage on the way, after which his health deteriorated. The family members admitted him to Ashoknagar District Hospital. Where he died on Wednesday afternoon. The deceased is survived by wife and two daughters. Due to not having a son, only the daughters took the father to the crematorium. Daughters Reena Jain and Megha Jain performed the cremation with full rituals.

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