Darshan of Khajrana Ganesh and Ranjit Hanuman on Wednesday: Lambodar and Sankatmochan seen in beautiful makeup, devotees cheered

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Gajanan’s grand makeup took place on Wednesday at the famous Khajrana Ganesh temple in Indore. Anointed the Lord with Panchamrit. Offered pure ghee and vermilion chola. Wear new clothes to Lambodar, tie the safa. A big necklace made of rose flowers and a beautiful necklace made of white flowers were worn to the Lord. Offering the garland of Durva to Ganesha. Decorated the crown of the Lord with garlands of flowers. With Ganapati ji, Virajit did a beautiful decoration of Riddhi-Siddhi and auspiciousness. Dress them in new clothes, garlands of flowers and necklaces. The temple priests decorated the throne of the Lord with rose petals and flowers. From early morning the process of devotees coming to the temple started. The priest Pt. Satpal Maharaj performed the aarti of the Lord in the presence of the devotees. Offering laddus to the Lord. Devotees also shouted praises of God after having darshan.

Today’s makeup of Khajrana Ganesh ji

Here, in the Ranjit Hanuman temple, Hanuman ji’s beautiful makeup was done. After anointing Hanuman ji with Panchamrit, offered him a chola of oil and vermilion. Dress Ranjit Baba in new clothes. Attractive necklace made of marigold flowers was worn to God. He adorned the Lord with a necklace made of red and white flowers. By writing Jai Sita-Ram with sandalwood on the leaves of the figure, the garland of leaves was offered to the Lord. Beautifully decorated with garlands of flowers and garlands made of leaves in the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord. Decorated the throne of God with petals of different types of flowers. The priest of the temple, Pt. Dipesh Vyas, worshiped the Lord according to the law and performed his aarti. Every day a large number of devotees come to the temple to see Ranjit Baba.

Today's makeup of Ranjit Hanuman ji

Today’s makeup of Ranjit Hanuman ji

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