Dalit youth and girl did court marriage in Gonda: Principal representative locked the girl in the house, said – how did she get married without asking me

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The principal representative and his accomplice locking the house of the victim woman.

In Gonda, a girl from Dalit society got court marriage with one of her relatives. Both the families also agreed. The village head representative got angry with the marriage of the young man and the girl. Principal representative says that how did you get married without asking me. The principal representative, showing arrogance, attacked the Dalit woman’s house and then locked the house.

The case is of Kallapu Sarai Harra (Ismailpur) under Nawabganj police station area of ​​Gonda district. Khushi, a girl from the village, got married on 16 August with relative Vinesh. This marriage was approved by the family members of the boy and the girl. The family members were about to get married that before that both of them got court marriage. The age of the girl is said to be 20 years and that of the boy is 25 years.

Principal representative showing arrogance in the village.

Principal representative does not like marriage

A video of the Principal Representative in the same case went viral. In the video, the principal representative is saying, ‘Now the young man and the girl will not be allowed to stay in the village. Everybody stop hookah water from him. No villager should encourage such activity. If anyone does this then let me know about the matter. How can anyone marry like this of their own free will? If I wanted to get married, I should have informed, after that the decision will be taken.

Lock imposed on the house of the girl’s mother

The principal representative went to the house of the girl’s mother and abused her, also beat her up. The principal representative had reached the victim’s house with a gun along with two or three of his associates. He threatened that the girl and the youth should not come to the village. After this, the principal representative locked the house of the victim woman.

The victim has lodged a complaint at Nawabganj police station. On the instructions of the SP, Nawabganj Police has registered a case against two accused Principal Representatives Santosh Yadav and Sant Kumar Yadav at Nawabganj police station.

On the other hand, Nawabganj police station president Tej Pratap Singh said that the incident of a Dalit woman being assaulted while abusing her casteist had come to notice in village Kallapu Sarai Harra (Ismailpur). A case has been registered on the complaint of the victim woman Jayshree.

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