Crack in the dam, threat to 6 villages: Black soil poured on Bhopal’s Garethia dam, officers engaged in suppressing the matter

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The matter of Dhar’s Karam Dam did not cool down that there was a crack in the dam built in Dungaria village of Bairasia block of Bhopal. Seeing this, the people living in the villages on the banks of the dam are in panic. When the sarpanch of Dungaria informed the departmental engineer, he deferred. Later, Sarpanch Gangaram Prajapati complained to the SDO of the Water Resources Department.

According to the villagers, the officials of the Water Resources Department reached the spot after complaining that there was a breach in the bonding of the Grethia reservoir. They have filled the cracks by pouring black soil. Villagers say that the crack is so big and deep that a major accident can happen anytime.

Dam’s watchman gave information

On Thursday, a crack of about 15 to 20 feet occurred in the Garethia reservoir built in the upper area of ​​Dungaria village of Bairasia. This information was given by the watchman of the dam to Gangaram Prajapati, Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Dungaria. According to the sarpanch, he informed the senior officers, but no one reached the spot that day. The sarpanch says that when he informed the sub-engineer, the sub-engineer told him to come and see in the morning.

On the second day when the Sarpanch along with some villagers reached there, the responsible did not reach there. When Berasia SDM Aditya Jain got the information, he reached the spot. The top officers of the Irrigation Department reprimanded the employees on the phone. After some time the sub engineer JK Sharma reached the dam. For the repair work of the crack in the dam, 10 to 12 trolleys of soil were quickly closed that crack, but due to the crack of the dam, the villagers are in panic.

Getting repairs done by adding black soil

According to the villagers, to fill the crack in the dam, the officials have put 10-15 trolleys of black soil. The cracks are being filled by grinding this soil through laborers. The officials may be treating it as a normal incident, but the villagers are scared.

Officers’ answer – rain cut due to the flow of rain

It was raincut due to rain. It was repaired as soon as it was received. This is normal, nothing to worry about.

Munendra Gupta, SDO, Water Resources Department

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