Cows of Indian breed curing autism and mental patients, know what is cow therapy

Cow Cuddling Therapy for Mental Patients in Australia: Hinduism in India worships the cow as its mother. Claims are also made for the treatment of many diseases with cow urine and dung. Many people also raise questions about this. This is undoubtedly a matter of investigation and research, but apart from these, even foreigners have started believing in the power of the cow. This is proved by the news related to the cow that has come out from Australia. Mentally ill people are being treated in Australia through Indian cows. The process of this treatment has been named as cow therapy. Many people are taking advantage of this therapy. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Spend time with cow during therapy, have to do service

According to the report of The Guardian, a cow cuddling center has been built in North Queensland, Australia. In this center, people who are mentally ill or in search of mental peace are reaching for treatment. They are getting relief by spending time with the cows at the center here. Many people have recovered from here. During the therapy coming here, spend time with the cow, serve them.

Patients themselves told its benefits

Some patients undergoing treatment at this center told the media about the benefits of coming here. Dona Estil, who is undergoing therapy here, told that she is suffering from personality disorder, nervousness and depression. Been taking therapy here for a long time. Spending time with cows. Due to this, she is slowly getting better now. She says that if someone had told me about it one year, I might have laughed a lot, but these cows have given me a new birth. A similar story is of 10-year-old Patrick living in Brisbane. He is suffering from autism, but after coming here, he is now recovering.

This is how MBA student got the idea of ​​this business

Lawrence Fox, 34, who started the cow therapy firm, told that when I was doing MBA, only then I got the idea of ​​doing cow therapy business. I started it after completing the course. Gradually it became popular. It’s nice to see people recover. He told that cows were needed to start the business. I have bought all the cows through cryptocurrency. According to the report, some fees are also taken from those who get treatment in this center. This cow therapy is gaining popularity so fast that from this year 4 NDIS companies (National Disability Insurance Scheme) are planning to cover it in their new scheme as well. Indian breed cows have been chosen for the scheme, as they are calm.

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