Covid-stricken Amitabh Bachchan is cleaning his own bathroom, talks about staff with gratitude in new blog post

Amitabh Bachchan has shared a new blog post from his isolated room after he was diagnosed with Covid-19. In the new post, the actor spoke about how accustomed one becomes to their staff and team, including himself. He wrote at length about finding it difficult to train a new member of his team and later talked about how he has been all his chores himself in isolation. (Also read: Amitabh Bachchan clarifies his ‘each time I say never again’ note wasn’t about KBC)

Speaking about one’s dependency their staff, Amitabh wrote, “… and no where is this more prominent and in execution than the times of ‘isolation’ for the dread of the ViD 19, or to be more precise , its prevailing variant …suddenly the exercise of making your own bed, cleaning your bath and toilet, wiping the floor, switching on the required plugs and switches , making your own snack and drink (tea and the coffee), folding and setting up the cupboard with your clothing, responding personally to calls and mobile responses, drafting your own letters .. and submitting yourself to the medication prescription by the doctors without the assist of a nursing staff .. ALL .. is what life in these times is made of.”

However, he seems to be enjoying this phase of life as well. “And it is the most enjoyable and satisfying experience of them all … The diminishing on the reliance of your staff .. and more importantly the realisation, as I have submitted many times before, what your staff go through during an entire day .. gaining thereby the respect that should be theirs,” he wrote, feeling gratitude for his staff.

Amitabh had announced his diagnosis on Tuesday night via social media and had urged everyone who came in his contact to get tested immediately.

He took to his blog on early Thursday morning to reach out to fans and followers. “… to them that have sent me their concern and prayers .. their love .. and the immense heart filled grace for my recovery, I give my folded hands in grateful acknowledgement will ever be touched by gratitude .. your benevolence shall ever remain within me and your dedicated care, a never ending river of love .. (sic)” he wrote. “… I have no intent of giving health bulletins .. but yes I shall and I should keep you updated,” he added.

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