Controversy over T-shirt with Tytler’s picture: The bail plea of ​​Karmajit Gill, who posed for the Golden Temple picture, rejected

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Karmjeet Gill wearing a T-shirt with Jagdish Tytler’s picture.

The bail plea of ​​Karmjit Singh Gill, who was photographed at the Golden Temple wearing Jagdish Tytler’s picture, was rejected on Saturday. The application for bail on behalf of Karmjit Singh Gill was heard in the court of local Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Japinder Singh. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the bail plea of ​​Karmjit Gill was rejected.

Lawyers for the accused, Karmjit Gill, argued that their motive was not to incite religious sentiments. Karmajit wanted to go to the Golden Temple only wearing a T-shirt with the picture of his royal master. This is not a crime. Assistant District Attorney Tawtesh Inderjit Singh argued that the convict had come to the Golden Temple not to bow his head, but to incite the sentiments of the people of Sikhism. Earlier also this accused had cut a cake with Tytler’s picture. After which he received threats and police protection was provided.

Karmjeet had entered by putting some other picture

Assistant District Attorney Tavtesh Inderjit Singh told that the accused had reached the Golden Temple by putting on some other shirt earlier. After bathing, the accused wore a t-shirt with the picture and got photographed. He put this photo on social media. After this he did not even bow his head in the Golden Temple. Its purpose was only to incite religious sentiments. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the court rejected the bail plea of ​​the accused.

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