Controversy in the Matki bursting competition in Sagar, chairs went on: Surya Vijay Akhara’s team broke the Matki, Govinda Aala Re… amidst water cannons, youth danced on the song

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The fire broke out between the water showers.

On the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashti festival, Sagar MLA Shailendra Jain organized a Matki burst competition in Sagar on Tuesday night. The competition was held in front of the Municipal School, Katra. Groups of youth participated in the competition. The pot was tied about 25 feet above. It was going up and down. As soon as the competition started, groups of youth started trying hard to burst the pots. Thousands of people came to see the Matki Phod competition. The youth danced fiercely on songs like Govinda Aala Re… Bhagwa Rang. While dancing to the tunes of a DJ, there was an altercation between some youths. For some time there was an atmosphere of chaos.

The police reached the spot and pacified the matter. After which the youth again jumped with fun. Here, the teams were trying one after the other to break the pot. The fire brigade was firing water on the teams which were bursting the pot. Eventually the pot was fixed. After which the team of Surya Vijay Akhara of Vivekananda Ward broke the pot in the very first attempt. As soon as the pot exploded, Anand Bhayo Jai Kanhaiyalal’s reverberation erupted at the venue of Nand’s house. People danced to the tunes of DJ. There were water cannons all around.

Crowds of people gathered to watch the competition.

Chairs got into dispute, police took two
Youth were dancing to the tunes of DJ during the Matki Phoad competition. During this, suddenly a dispute started between some youths. Before anyone could understand anything, the youth started running chairs on each other. Seeing the dispute, the police team immediately reached the spot and pacified the matter. Caught two youths who were making a ruckus and took them with them. However, the controversy did not affect the program. As soon as the matter calmed down, the youth again started dancing to the tune of the DJ.
Police pacifying the youth by explaining them.

Police pacifying the youth by explaining them.

25 thousand cash reward given to the winning team
The team of Surya Vijay Akhara, which broke the pot in the competition, was honored by MLA Shailendra Jain by giving a cash prize of 25 thousand rupees. A TV was given there. Apart from this, an incentive amount of Rs 1100 was announced to all the teams participating in the competition. The program was attended by a large number of residents and public representatives.

MLA Jain felicitating the winning team.

MLA Jain felicitating the winning team.

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