Complaint to Commissioner against Ravneet Bittu: Arguing with Vigilance while arresting Ashu, video of action was viral

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MP Ravneet Singh Bittu arguing with Vigilance officers.

Vigilance arrested Ashu from a saloon near the house of former Punjab cabinet minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu. During this, MP Ravneet Singh Bittu also reached the salon. There was a lot of debate with the Vigilance staff and officers by MP Ravneet Singh Bittu.

Vigilance has given a complaint against Bittu to CP Kaustubh Sharma due to this debate and video of Vigilance’s action and put on social media by Bittu and obstructing government work. Sources reveal that Vigilance wrote in the complaint that MP Bittu has misbehaved with Vigilance officials.

When he had come to arrest Ashu, MP Bittu along with his supporters reached there and started stopping Ashu from taking him. At the same time, he has also misbehaved with many Vigilance officers. Because of this, the Vigilance officers have given a complaint to the commissioner under the interference of government work.

At the same time, in this matter, MP Ravneet Singh Bittu is constantly saying that he did not disturb the work of Vigilance. According to Bittu, he had only asked the Vigilance officers whether they had any paper which could show that Ashu was to be arrested.

At the same time, Bittu said that Ashu himself had gone to the Chandigarh Vigilance office in the morning to get arrested but Vigilance has arrested Ashu by preparing a drama. Bittu said that the Congress party is not going to be afraid. The leaders of the Congress party are true soldiers and have always fought for the rights of the people.

Let us tell you that former minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu was accused of swindling in the transportation tender scam. Because of this he has been arrested by Vigilance.

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