China is going to give 20 percent cost of CPEC project to Pakistan

Pakistan Economy: Chinese companies are going to suffocate in the ruined economy of Pakistan. Actually, Pakistan is presenting a proposal in which the country will get 20 percent of the cost of 5 CPEC projects. This part will be given by Chinese companies, which includes the staff salary along with all the expenses.

According to Pakistani media house The Express Tribune, these Chinese firms will bring 20 percent of the entire cost in US dollars and this money will be kept in a special account. This company can withdraw money in Pakistani rupees for expenses. In this regard, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif has given guidelines after discussing with the ministers.

Pakistan’s economy will get strength

After the introduction of this proposal, there is a possibility of life in Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis. The 20 percent share of the cost of CPEC that will be given to Pakistan will be deposited in the central bank there. During the discussion in the meeting, the value of these five CPEC projects has been estimated at US$ 7 billion.

How much money will Pakistan get?

According to this scheme, if 20 percent of US $ 7 billion is accounted for, then Pakistan can get 1.4 billion US dollars which will come to the Central Bank. Be aware that these five projects have been gathering dust for many years and now after the instructions of this proposal, work is likely to be done in fast track mode.

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