Child’s miscreant was imprisoned for 30 years: 2 years ago in Chandigarh, the servant had done abominable act, the court said – protector became a devourer

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Court has sentenced a convict to 30 years of imprisonment for raping an 8-year-old child in Chandigarh. This decision was pronounced by Swati Sehgal, Special Judge of Fast Track Court, Chandigarh. The culprit is a resident of Uttar Pradesh. The court has also imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on him. In case of non-payment of fine, the punishment will increase by 3 years.

The police had registered this case on the complaint of the child’s mother. The incident is of August 4, 2020. When the mother came home from duty, she saw that the servant was doing wrong with her child in the quarters. The accused fled after the woman raised an alarm.

Chandigarh Police arrested the accused in two days by registering a case under Section 377 of IPC and POCSO Act. In the case, the lawyer of the accused had argued in the court that he has been falsely implicated. Because the owner of the house did not want to pay his salary. It was argued that the salary was not paid to the accused for 6 months. On demanding salary, a false complaint was given against him to the police. At the same time, the public prosecutor said that according to the forensic examination and medical report, the accused had committed wrongdoing with the child.

Protector turned eater: Court

The court, in its judgment, said that an 8-year-old innocent child should have been looked after and protected by the servant. He became a devourer rather than a protector. He not only mercilessly attacked the child’s body but also attacked the soul of the child by his heinous and reprehensible act leaving a horrific and painful experience in his memory. As such he deserves strict punishment. At the same time, on the statements of the child, the court said that there is no reason to see that the little innocent child would make false allegations and his statements are in agreement with the statements of the mother.

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