Children’s school under tamarind tree: Rewa’s female lecturer first connects children with education, then shows the way to school

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Junk pickers live in the Nirala Nagar Bansal Basti of the city. There is a stock of junk all around here. It’s hard to wait 10 seconds because of the smell of the drain. On one side is the boundary of Rewa Government Polytechnic College and on the other side is the campus of Makhanlal Journalism University.

In the midst of the foul smell, the children’s screams started reverberating in the ears of Professor Nisha Pandey in the morning and evening. For a month the teacher could not sleep. Only one thing in my mind, what is the fault of these children? Dream came in the night. Nisha you do something. That night, Madam decided. I will definitely do something for the children.

Lecturer after qualifying PSC in 2009
In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Nisha Mishra told that she was born on 20 April 1982 in the house of Dr. Balmik Prasad Mishra in Naudia Rithi village. Father is Rivad from the principal of Rewa Government Sanskrit College. Nisha Pandey, who listened to Gita Bhagwat since childhood, studied from 1 to 10 from Pandeyan Tola School.

He studied civil engineering from Government College Rewa after studying in Mathematics group from 11th and 12th SK School, Uparhati. In the year 2009, Nisha Pandey got selected in PSP from Technical. In the same year, Nisha Pandey joined Government Polytechnic College as a lecturer. While teaching the children in college, she started participating in every social activity.

TV, mobile and flag reached door to door, but why education did not reach!
In the year 2009 itself, Nisha Mishra was married to businessman Ashish Pandey in the same dam Gautam Nagar. Five years later, a daughter was born. In 2019, the daughter started going to school. In 2020, while coming and going to college, Bansal used to tell the story to the innocent children of the settlement by sitting on the side of the wall. The children ate toffee and listened to the story attentively. Then the TV, mobile and flag reached home. But why didn’t education arrive? Every income of the society is responsible for not reaching the slum education. If you are a citizen of your own country. They also have aadhar card.

I remembered the shloka of Shri Krishna written in the fourth chapter of the Gita. It is clearly written in it. The job of the educated is to educate the society. That is, the varna system was also formed on this basis. Then my conscience woke up. I reached under the tamarind tree with a black board. First took a pledge to connect the children with education and then take them to school. Today 10 children of our school go to study in Government Secondary School Mandiriya. With this the number of children studying in the school has reached from 20 to 30. To give text books and clothes to these children. It’s our responsibility. Even one-third of the salary, I spend in these.

Children wanting to become doctors, engineers and teachers
The professor said that all the children of the school are aspiring to become doctors, engineers and teachers. I believe that every human being has the right to education. But the parents living in the slum engage the children in the work of picking up the junk at an early age. Gives the knowledge to take them away from education. Rather, he concentrates on things like intoxication etc. After months of teaching, children themselves consider their loved ones responsible for this. But we cannot change the parents. But the efforts to change the children have continued.

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