Children sick after drinking goat’s milk tea: Four children of the same family living in Etawah’s Kumhawar hospitalized

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In Etawah, the condition of four brothers and sisters deteriorated after drinking tea made from goat’s milk. So that on the complaint of vomiting, stomachache, the family reached the district hospital where they were admitted.

goat Of Milk Of Tea From Condition spoiled

In a village under Saifai police station area, the health of four brothers and sisters suddenly deteriorated after drinking tea made from goat’s milk on Thursday. On complaints of vomiting, abdominal pain and dizziness, their family members took them to Dr. Ambedkar Joint District Hospital, Etawah. Here in the emergency ward, the doctors have admitted the children after giving them first aid.

goat Of udder In poisonous insects has bit

Suresh Chandra, a resident of village Kumhawar Saifai, told that his son Rajesh Kumar has four children. They have two sons and two daughters. Baba Suresh Chandra told that on Thursday, son Rajesh had gone in relation with his wife. The four children, 18-year-old Devendra, 12-year-old Kajal, 10-year-old Rachit and 8-year-old Anushka were left at home. Grandson Devendra took out the goat’s milk when the younger sister was hungry, made her tea and drank it with her sisters and brothers and also ate parathas with her. After a while, the four grandchildren started vomiting. On this information took him to the village doctor. Where he has not been able to find out the merge of the children, he has brought them to Etawah District Hospital.

Doctor has Sick having of cause Food poisoning Told

Suresh Chandra told that the goat whose milk was extracted by Devendra was running ill. In the udder of the goat, there was swelling due to the bite of some poisonous insect etc. Dr Shivam Rajput, posted in the emergency, told that the children have become victims of food poisoning. He has been admitted after giving first aid and is out of danger.

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