Children of Ukraine will study in schools even in the midst of war, class rooms will be in bomb proof bunkers

Ukrainian Kid’s Bomb Proof Classrooms In Underground Bunkers : “It happened early morning on the ground again the sky is bowing its head that the children are going to school…” This lion of Nida Fazli points towards the sacred purpose of children going to school. But at the moment the children of Ukraine (Ukrainian KidsFor ) it is morning on the ground, but this morning is of the light of bombs. For these children, the sky is not bowing down from last February, but is raining bombs.

In the midst of all this, the spirit of getting the light of education and its efforts are facing the war, bringing Ukraine on a different footing from other countries of the world. Here the importance of training has been understood even in these dangerous conditions of war. In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine War, the thinking of President Volodymyr Zelensky and the concern about the youth of the country is commendable. The education of the children here is going on even during the war. Children of Ukraine Bomb Proof Class Room (Bomb-Proof Classrooms) in underground bunkers (Bunkers) in my new session (New Term) are starting.

Bunker class room is also ready in Ukrainian schools

Schools in Ukraine (Ukraine) has welcomed students into bunkers with welcome desks, toys, blankets and first aid kits, as the Russian military is still trying to dominate the war-torn country. The most special and unique thing is that this environment does not put fear in the hearts and minds of the children and they can continue their studies like normal days. For this the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky himself is seen sitting in his class with school children.The colorful desks in the underground bunker in the Poltava area are enough to show how in the midst of the war efforts are being made to create the same atmosphere for the children as it used to be on normal days. These bunker class rooms have been prepared in exactly the same way in areas like Kyiv, Shernivtsi and Lviv. Significantly, in this country many schools have been damaged and many schools have been ruined.According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, 2,300 educational institutions in Ukraine have been damaged in the Russo-Ukraine War since February, of which 286 have been completely destroyed.

6 million Ukrainian children returned to school on September 1st

On September 1, 6 million Ukrainian children accompanied their parents to school. Here the schools asked the parents to choose between Remote and In-Person Teaching. However, with this it has also been made clear that only those schools which are not constantly facing the bombing attacks of Putin’s forces will have in-person teaching. With this, the option of giving online learning to the children as per their wish is also open to the parents.

basement bomb shelter

Where the schools opened their doors for the children, the teachers here are also not behind in this work. Teachers have converted basements into bomb shelters. With colorful toys, desk-bench, these basement basement less school classes are more visible. Along with this, teachers have also been given training on what to do in case of an attack. Children coming to the class have to keep an emergency bag as well as a pair of clothes to change in it.

Zelensky sitting in the class room with the children

of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Zelensky himself is reaching several areas to take stock of these bunkerclass rooms in the midst of the war. One such school arrived on Thursday. Actually this school was damaged in the attack of Russia in March. Now these schools are again ready to welcome their 1,300 students. President Zelensky inspects the basement of the school. air strikes (Air Raids) has been prepared to protect and shelter the students. During this “We are working to ensure that every educational institution that was destroyed in the war in Ukraine starts again, and that our children are safe and that nothing comes in the way of their learning,” he said. President Zelensky sat in his classroom with school children in Irpin and welcomed them for the new session.

Student safety first priority

Some photos of these new underground classes have been shared by the governor of the Poltava region of central Ukraine, Dmytro Lunin. In the Poltava region of Ukraine, a good arrangement of chairs and toys has also been made in the bunker of the kindergarten. Poltava (Ukraine) Chairs and colorful toys in a kindergarten bunker in the Poltava area are connecting children to life in the midst of the horrors of war.

Governor Dmitro Lunin says that student safety is his top priority. He added, “Poltava is ready to start the academic year in many forms, then whatever method of education the parents choose is left to them.” ”

Governor Lunin said, “Our priority will always be the safety of children. We thank the Ukrainian defenders. Children of the Poltava region can study online and offline.” He told that the process of building a bomb proof school in his area is in full swing.“There are 533 schools in the area – 160 of them have ready bunker classrooms and about 130 more are in the process of preparation,” he said. In this country, not only the school administration, but the people of the district and its community are doing everything to ensure the safety of children in schools. Everyone believes that the safety of children comes first.

Borodyanka’s school became a hijack of a new initiative

It is worth noting that just north of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Borodyanka city When teachers and students arrived at their school in Bordyanka this week, they saw Russian soldiers turning their school into a complete rubbish house. The desire of the teachers and children of this school to come to school became the inspiration for bomb proof classrooms in underground bunkers in Ukraine. Significantly, in March, the attacks of the Russian army in this city caused terrible destruction. The Guardian According to the report of The Guardian, the teachers found on arrival here that Russian soldiers had used the children’s class rooms as toilets.

He had spread garbage everywhere. The school’s whiteboard, PE equipment, TV and computer were all ruined. They covered the walls with anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russian graffiti and dug trenches behind the school. Almost all the windows of the school are covered with plastic sheets after being blown up by missile strikes. The school’s headmaster Inna Romaniuk said that the school is in the process of recovery and she hopes to reopen it by next year.

Efforts to teach Russian curriculum to Ukrainian children

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children are living under Russian rule in Ukraine’s east and south. There Moscow is trying to introduce a new Russian Curriculum. According to Ukrainian officials, the teachers who refuse to cooperate here. Along with abducting them, they have to face punishment including severe torture.

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