Cattle smugglers caught: Satna police caught truck loaded with cattle, 181 sheep and goats seized, three arrested

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  • Satna Police Caught Truck Loaded With Cattle, 181 Sheep And Goats Seized, Three Arrested

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After the success of Maihar police in the case of cattle smuggling, the Kothi police station has also arrested 3 people by catching a truck loaded with cattle. A case has been registered against the accused under sections of Cruelty to Animals Act and MV Act.

According to the information, the Kothi police station caught the truck number MP20 GA 7016 filled with cattle by putting a point near Jhali Tiraha of its police station area. There were 3 people in the truck including the driver-cleaner.

When the police team searched, a large quantity of goats and sheep were found in the truck. When asked for documents regarding the transportation of cattle after questioning, they could not produce any paper.

When the cattle were unloaded from the truck, it was found that there were 155 nos of goats – goats and 26 nos of sheep loaded in it. They were being brutally transported without any statutory documents.

Police station in-charge Bhupendra Mani Pandey said that three people have been arrested after confiscating the truck and cattle. Those arrested include Mo Afroz father Sheikh Mohammed 26 years Jeet Nagar Maihar, Shankar Pal father Sukhi Pal 25 years resident of Shivsagar police station Kothi and Anshu Gurjar father Harishchandra Gurjar 24 years resident Arya Nagar Manikpur UP. It is feared that these sheep and goats were being taken to UP via Singhpur.

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