Bulldozer action on criminals continues: 15-room building built illegally on 500 yards of HSVP land was demolished

Faridabad4 hours ago

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Maya, a female accused involved in 30 cases of illegal liquor, gambling, quarrel and illegal intoxication.

Bulldozer action against criminals is going on in Faridabad. On Saturday, a 15-room building built illegally on 500 yards of HSVP’s land was demolished by a joint campaign by the team of Police and Haryana Urban Development Authority. This building was built by a woman named Maya after being involved in criminal activities.

Police spokesman Sube Singh said that in Sector 20 Krishna Colony of Police Outpost Sector 11 area, an illegal house was built by female criminal Maya and her two sons Arun and Tarun by earning from illegal liquor, gambling, fighting and drug smuggling. He told that 12 cases of illicit liquor and NDPS have been registered against Maya, her son Arun for gambling, 14 of illicit liquor and NDPS and 4 cases of fighting against Tarun, NDPS and illegal liquor. Maya Ajronda earlier lived in After the death of her husband 15 years ago, she came to Krishna Colony and started building houses by illegally occupying the HSVP land. Soon after illegally occupying about 500 yards of land, 15 rooms were made. This is where his business ran. The accused do the work of selling illegal liquor and illegal intoxicants for the last 6-7 years. Along with this, they also do illegal business of betting. He said that a list of criminals who have acquired property illegally is being prepared by the police. Action will be taken against all.

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