Brutal murder of a sweeper in protest against molestation: Fearless killers knocked him down in front of the house and then cut him with a knife and chappal

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Municipal Corporation’s cleaning worker, deceased Sanjay. (file photo)

A sanitation worker was brutally murdered in Govind Nagar Kachi Basti on Tuesday night in protest against molestation. In front of the house, the killers attacked the sweeper with knives, chappals and swords so much that he died on the spot. The accused then fled after threatening the family members. On information, Govind Nagar police reached the spot to investigate.

ACP Govind Nagar Vikas Pandey (yellow shirt) reached the spot to investigate.

In protest against the molestation, the bullies cut them with knives and chappals.

In front of Govind Nagar DBS College, municipal sanitation worker Sanjay Balmiki used to live with the family in Kachi Basti. Sanjay’s brother Kamal told that on Tuesday night, some boys of the area were molesting the niece living in the locality. When the mother protested, the accused started pelting stones at the house. Sanjay reached the spot as soon as he got information about molesting and stone pelting from his niece and tried to stop the rioters who were pelting stones. At the same time, the accused armed with chapped, knife and sword first beat Sanjay fiercely by dropping him on the ground and then killed him on the spot by attacking him with chopsticks and knives. Thereafter the accused fled from the spot.

The relatives informed the Govind Nagar police station and took Sanjay in critical condition to Hallet Hospital and ran away. After examination, the doctors declared him dead. After this, DCP South Salman Taj Patil, ADCP Manish Sonkar, ACP Vikas Pandey and Govind Nagar police station in-charge Rohit Tiwari reached the spot to investigate. The police kept on raiding till late night to arrest the killers, but no clue was found.
After the massacre, the crowd of the locality gathered on the spot.

After the massacre, the crowd of the locality gathered on the spot.

The rivalry started with the protest against molestation, now the massacre

The deceased Sanjay’s brother Kamal told that three months ago, Vishal, who lived in the locality, had molested his niece. On this Sanjay beat Vishal. Due to this, Vishal and his family started keeping tussle. When Sanjay reached the spot again on Tuesday, Vishal, who was already ambushed, attacked along with his brother Shiva, Ashu, cousin Ashish, Anish and friends Tannu and Sahil. Sanjay died on the spot after being hit with a knife and a knife.

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