Bribery in clutches: Clerk asked for 50 thousand bribe in return for reducing property tax, Vigilance arrested red handed

Faridabad3 hours ago

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Working in the Old Faridabad zone of the Municipal Corporation, the tax of the complainant was kept at Rs 13 lakh. To reduce it, a bribe of one lakh was sought, the deal was settled in 50 thousand rupees.

The clerk of the Municipal Corporation, who took a bribe of 50 thousand rupees in return for reducing the property tax, has been arrested red handed by the State Vigilance team. The arrested clerk was working in Old Faridabad zone. It had kept the property tax of the complainant around Rs 13 lakh. To reduce it, a demand of one lakh rupees was made. The deal was settled for 50 thousand.

According to the information, Khaliqur Rahman, a resident of Spring Field Colony, had a lot of dues on property and sewer water. When he came to know, he came to know that the total tax is about 13 lakh rupees. He contacted Kanhaiyalal, the dealing clerk in the Old Faridabad zone, for this. Kanhaiya Lal demanded one lakh to reduce the tax and said that the tax would be reduced from 13 lakhs. The victim settled the deal for Rs 50,000. Meanwhile, the Vigilance team was informed. On Wednesday, Additional SP Anil Kumar of State Vigilance made a team and planned to catch the clerk. As soon as the complainant reached the corporation and gave money to the clerk Kanhaiyalal, the Vigilance team arrested him red handed as soon as he got the signal. The bribe amount was also recovered from his possession. State Vigilance is interrogating the accused.

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