Bookies Murlidhar Khatri arrested: Was absconding with his three sons for a long time, police is now looking for the sons of the accused

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  • Was Absconding With His Three Sons For A Long Time, The Police Is Now Looking For The Sons Of The Accused

Jabalpur19 minutes ago

Murlidhar Khatri along with international bookie Satish Sanpal has been arrested by Jabalpur police today. A reward of Rs 5000 was announced on Murlidhar Khatri. Omati police station is preparing to arrest bookie Murlidhar Khatri and present him in court. Accused Murlidhar Khatri is a notorious bookie of Jabalpur against whom many criminal cases are also registered.

Recently, Murlidhar Khatri, along with his son Dilip Khatri and others, got the registry done by threatening the owner of Chawla restaurant Maninder Singh Kandhari and his son for not returning the amount lost in the betting and his interest. On May 24, on the complaint of Maninder Singh Kandhari, police started the search by registering a crime against Murlidhar Khatri’s sons Dilip Khatri, Sanjay Khatri, Vivek Khatri and Harish alias Vicky Manani and Ankit Pamnani. Omati police station has arrested Murlidhar Khatri. While still Dilip Khatri, Sanjay Khatri, Vivek Khatri, Vicky alias Harish Manani, Ankit alias Chuttu Pamnani are absconding, who are being searched.

Murlidhar Khatri also threatened Maninder Singh Kandhari to withdraw the case by abusing him outside the court if he opposed the bail of a case on July 9. Murlidhar Khatri who is engaged in the business of betting continuously since the year 2004. At his behest, Maninder Singh Kandhari’s son Jasleen Kandhari intimidated her by making bets, charging more interest on the lost bet amount and then got the registry of Chawla restaurant done by threatening to kill her. Omati police station rewarded Rs 5000. Murlidhar Khatri is arrested while still his sons Dilip Khatri, Sanjay Khatri, Vivek Khatri along with Vicky alias Harish Manani, Ankit alias Chuttu Pamnani are absconding.

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