BJP MLA said – more hospital than tea shop: Demand for action from health minister, government doctor practicing in private hospital on radar

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  • BJP MLA Said More Hospital Than Tea Shop, : Demand For Action From Health Minister, Government Doctors Practicing In Private Hospitals On Radar

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During a conversation with the media, the BJP MLA from Badlapur has spoken of taking action against illegal hospitals.

Badlapur BJP MLA Ramesh Mishra has fiercely targeted the health system of Jaunpur. During a conversation with the media, the BJP MLA told that more hospitals have opened in Jaunpur than tea shops. Due to which he had sought a list of registered hospitals from the Health Department. Apart from this, he will also ensure action against the government doctor doing private practice. He has asked the Health Minister to complain about the doctor playing with the health systems in the district.

Hospital more than tea shop

BJP MLA Ramesh Mishra told that the business of illegal hospitals is flourishing in Jaunpur. The general public has to bear the brunt of this. Patients are dying every day due to negligence in hospitals. He said that more hospitals than tea shops have opened in Jaunpur. To prevent the operation of illegal hospitals, he has sought a list of registered hospitals from the Health Department. Appealing to the general public for cooperation, he has asked to give information about such hospitals which are operating illegally. He said that after talking to the Health Minister, he will ensure that action is taken against such hospitals.

On the radar of private practicing

The BJP MLA said that the government doctor who is doing private practice will also be ensured that action will be taken against them. The intention of the government is to provide better health system to the common man. Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak is constantly engaged in the betterment of the health department. If in such a situation, the government doctor is being negligent then action will definitely be taken against them. He said that government doctors were sitting in private hospitals. A list of such doctors is being prepared. Action will be taken against them soon.

Badlapur in the grip of dengue

About 100 dengue patients have been found in Badlapur area. BJP MLA said that about 80 of these patients have become healthy. Giving information, the MLA said that due to dirty water in the trunk of the vehicles kept in the Kotwali, the larvae flourished. Due to which the Kotwal and many constables came under the grip of dengue. Anti larva spraying is being done at various places in Badlapur. Apart from this, fogging is also being done. He told that soon the remaining patients will also become healthy.

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