Big negligence of doctors in Gonda CHC: The dead body of a newborn baby became a morsel of a wild animal, the woman was born a dead child

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The negligence of the health department has come to the fore in Gonda. A dead boy was born to a pregnant woman who came for delivery at CHC. The doctors lied to the relatives that the child has been kept on oxygen. When the relatives created a ruckus and ruckus in the CHC, the body of the child was given. The dead body was scratched by a wild animal. The family members have demanded action alleging negligence.

The whole matter is of Mujehna, the community health center of the district. Where pregnant Saira Bano woman who came for delivery was born dead boy at 3:00 in the night. Which was kept in the delivery room ward. Patient Saira Banu was kept in another ward.

The doctor told a lie to the family
It was being told lying to the family that the child was kept in oxygen. But when the family got suspicious, they created a ruckus. There was a lot of commotion in the hospital. After which the body of the dead newborn was shown to the relatives. It was then that it came to know that the face of the newborn has been plucked by a wild animal.

Complaint letter given to CHC superintendent and police.

Doctor accused of negligence
In the complaint letter given to the CHC superintendent and the police, Siraj Ahmed, the husband of the patient Saira Bano, alleged negligence. In which it was told that his patient was admitted to CHC Mujehna. To whom the dead boy was born at 3:00 in the night. The baby was kept in the delivery room and his mother was kept in another ward.

The workers left the delivery room
The ward nurses and staff staff on duty left the delivery room without informing them. After that we went to see, there was no one there. Some animal had eaten half of the child’s face. Everybody was sleeping. It was told by the ward nurse and staff that we do not have any responsibility. You take care yourself. At present, Gonda DM Dr. Ujjwal Kumar has ordered the CMO to investigate the whole matter.

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