Bhopal’s Kolar Six Lane Project: PWD Authority approves tender, work starts after rain; encroachment will be removed

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The Kolar Six Lane Project of the capital Bhopal has been approved by the PWD Authority. That is, now there is no hindrance and work will start after the rain. First of all, the encroachment on both sides of 11 km will be removed. Then the construction of six lanes will start.

The tenders were opened in July and sent to the authority for approval in August. Finally the authority has also given its approval. PWD officials said, after the rain, the work of six lane will start. The tendering company will conduct the survey and then the detail report will be submitted to the PWD. After this the encroachment will be removed through the district administration.

A new bridge will be built with Rs 5 crore, Bhumi Pujan done
The cost of the project is Rs 233 crore. Pavements and dividers will be made in it, so there will be lights in the middle. It does not have the project of Sarva-Dharma Bridge. However, another bridge will be built near the old bridge at Rs 5 crore. Bhoomi Pujan for this has been done on 3rd September.

Bhoomi pujan was performed on 3rd September for another new bridge near Sarv-Dharma Bridge of Kolar Road.

Benefit to four lakh population
PWD officials claim that the road picture will change in 12 months from the start of the work. About 4 lakh population lives in Kolar. Routes can also be diverted during construction. In such a situation, Kaliasot Bridge will be a better option as soon as it is Shahpura. This bridge was inaugurated this year.

Due to the election code of conduct, the date extended
The file for the Six Lane Project was prepared about seven months ago. Due to this, the date of tender was extended four times in April-May. When everything went well, the model code of conduct for the urban body elections came into force. Due to this the project file could not proceed. The PWD expedited the tender process as soon as the model code of conduct was over. After this the tenders were opened on 13 April. After the tender, it was now sent to the authority. From where the tender was approved after completion of some process. Six lane work may start in October.
Kolar Road has become like this due to rain.

Kolar Road has become like this due to rain.

Why is Fourlane necessary?
The length between Kolar Road’s Gol Jod to Bairagarh Chichli is 11Km. Meanwhile, about 100 colonies including Sarva-Dharma, Mandakini, Bimakunj, Kanhakunj, CI, Chuna Bhatti area, Nayapura, Lalitanagar, Wheatkheda, canal culvert have been settled. The people of this place come and go by this road. With the increasing population, now the road has become very short. There is often a traffic jam. At the same time, the road becomes completely dilapidated in the rain. This time also a similar picture is seen. Therefore, the demand for the width of the road was being made for a long time.

Heavy traffic during peak hours
Presently there is a lot of traffic on the road. Especially between 10 am to 12 am and 5 to 8 pm. Due to this, the situation of jam is also created. Therefore, about six months ago, the PWD had prepared a project to convert the road into six lanes.

The picture of the road will change like this

  • road will change to six lane instead of toulen
  • There will be a divider in the middle
  • There will be light on the road due to lighting
  • A footpath will also be built, so that the people of the colonies can get relief.

start of rain

The entire process related to Kolar Six Lane has been completed. The work will start after the rain.
Sanjay Maske, Chief Engineer, PWD

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