Bhaskar Khas, Amma gave a lesson to the health workers, said:: There should always be a smile, pleasant words, modesty in the eyes, humility and good listeners on the faces of doctors and nurses

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  • There Should Always Be A Smile On The Face Of Doctors And Nurses, Pleasant Words, Modesty In Eyes, Humility And Good Listeners.

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Said, the patient comes to the doctor in the same way as the devotee comes to the Lord with a little compassion and a request for relief.

Mother Amritanandamayi Devi, Founder of Amrita Hospital and Research Center, in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the inauguration of the largest multi-specialty hospital in Asia with 2,600 beds being built in about 133 acres in Sector 88, Faridabad, urged the health workers of the country While teaching the lesson, he taught them about the behavior to be done with the patients.

Amma said that all the people working in the hospital like doctors, nurses and other staff should always have a smile on their lips. May his words be pleasant. They should have modesty and humility in their eyes, they should be good listeners. Understanding the state of mind of the patients should be capable of serving them. This is possible only when we have the idea of ​​service to the common people.

Doctors are the bridge between man and God

In Malayalam language, while addressing the people coming from abroad and nearby villages, Amma said that doctors are the bridge between man and God. Therefore, a good doctor should have amazing power. Just like he puts it in modern medicine and inventions. He said that patients come to the doctors in the same way as the devotees praying for some compassion and relief to the Lord. Disease is a depressing condition. For him the hospital is the only shelter. As far as the patient is concerned, the doctor is directly God. Because that gives relief in pain.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets mother Amritanandamayi Devi, founder of Amrita Hospital and Research Center

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets mother Amritanandamayi Devi, founder of Amrita Hospital and Research Center

Childhood incident told the message of humanity

Amma narrated an incident from her childhood about 58 years old. She said that when she was ten years old, a younger brother of her five years fell ill. Amma took him to a small dispensary a kilometer away. There was no arrangement for the admission of patients in the dispensary. There used to be only one doctor and two or three nurses. In the verandah of the dispensary, a woman was rolling and crying loudly. When Amma asked the reason from the people present there, it came to know that she has a kidney stone. Hence the unbearable pain. Urine was not passing out. At that time doctors used to use only one syringe to give injections. Later it was boiled in hot water and used for others. Many times there was no electricity, so even that work could not be done in the heater. At that time the patient used to bring a small bottle of alcohol for ten paise and give it to the nurse so that she could boil the syringe and apply it. The woman was suffering because she did not even have ten paise to bring alcohol.

gave money to the woman for her brother’s treatment

Amma told that her birth mother had given 15 paise for food and drink during her brother’s treatment. Seeing the pain of the woman, Amma quietly took out ten paise from it and gave it to the woman. In the remaining five paise, he took dosa for his brother and did the work by drinking water instead of tea. The record of that poor woman still resonates in Amma’s ears. The purpose of narrating this incident was that every person should have a sense of service. He said that do not let any opportunity of service go by hand. The one who has a sense of selfless service in his heart, the whole world looks at him with respect. Therefore, in human life, we should not leave the marks of wounds on Mother Earth, but decorate her hair with flowers.

Message given of love of equality to all

Amma said that according to Sanatan Dharma, there is no difference between the creator and the universe, so we should love everyone equally, seeing Godhood in the entire creation. If we keep looking for others to change, nothing will happen. So first try to change yourself. Then others will follow us after seeing us.

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