Being alive, called the mother from the coffin and then the three-year-old innocent slept forever

3-Year-Old Girl Wakes Up In Coffin: What can be a greater thing for a mother than that her dead child becomes alive again. Something similar happened in Mexico, but this mother was not so lucky. This girl, who was alive in the coffin, was declared dead shortly after. Three-year-old girl Camilla Roxana Martinez Mendoza was declared dead by doctors, but on the day of burial, this girl was alive for some time. The family members of the girl have accused the hospital of negligence in this matter.

Doctors declared the girl dead

Three-year-old girl Camilia Roxana Martinez was declared brought dead by doctors. Doctors told her parents that the girl died due to worms in her stomach, but on August 17, the same girl came alive in the coffin during her funeral. The doctors had declared this girl dead 12 hours before the last rites of this girl. This girl was seen acting in the coffin. Seeing the girl alive in the coffin, her family immediately rushed to the hospital with her, but she was again declared dead after she was taken away. The girl’s family has accused the Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital in Mexico of negligence because the hospital had prematurely declared the baby dead.

What happened

According to a report in The Mirror, on August 17, Mary Jane Mendoza, the mother of the baby Camellia, took her to a pediatrician in the family home town of Villa de Ramos. Three-year-old Camellia was having abdominal pain, vomiting and fever. The doctor here suggested that the child be taken to the San Luis Potos State Hospital in central Mexico for dehydration treatment. Medical staff at Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital wrapped the body of the little girl in a cold cloth.

A pulse oximeter was also installed on her finger to measure the increasing level of oxygen of the girl child. After this Camilla was discharged from the hospital with a prescription of paracetamol. This reduced the child’s fever and pain, but her condition worsened during the day. A new doctor treated her and advised her mother to give her fruits and water in addition to a different prescription. Despite the doctors’ instructions and medicine, the girl kept vomiting. On the same day between 9 and 10 p.m., Camilla was re-admitted to Salinas. Medical professionals tried their best to improve the condition of the girl, but her condition did not improve.

Mother said delay in giving oxygen

Camellia’s mother, Mary, told that while she was being given IV drip in the hospital, it took a long time to give oxygen to her daughter. Mary told the New York Post that hospital staff took a long time to put her on oxygen support, and just 10 minutes after Camilla was given intravenous fluids, doctors removed her. During this, the hospital staff asked Mary to rest in peace. After this, the doctors declared Camilla dead, citing dehydration as the official reason.

The next day when the family performed Camilia’s funeral. During this, Mary saw fogging in the glass panel in Camilla’s coffin. Mary drew everyone’s attention to this side, but the people who came there to mourn did not believe her. He said that due to being very sad, he feels like this. People said that Mary was delusional, but Camilla’s grandmother later noticed her eyes moving and was surprised to find that the baby’s pulse was also running. She was immediately taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where doctors tried to save the girl, but again declared her dead. Now, Camilla’s family has filed a case against the doctors who declared her dead. The San Luis Potosi State Attorney General has launched an investigation after the girl’s mother, Mary, claimed that

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