At what height should the AC be installed? Will applying upside down make a difference to the cooling?

Air Conditioner Height : While installing the air conditioner, it is also important to pay attention to how much height should be kept from the floor? Actually, only by installing an air conditioner at the right height, it cools the room properly. If it is not installed at the right height, then its coolness does not spread properly in the room. Keep in mind that we are talking about split AC. Let us know in this article at what height an air conditioner should be installed.

At what height should the AC be installed?

The correct height to place the air conditioner is between 7 to 8 feet from the floor. Placing the air conditioner at this height distributes the cool air evenly throughout the room and makes it easier to maintain the safety of the unit. However, when installing an air conditioner at this height, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the unit, ceiling height and room layout. Suppose if your ceiling height is less than 8 feet, then install the air conditioner at a lower height. On the other hand, if the height of the ceiling is more than 8 feet, then installing the air conditioner at a higher height will not spread the cold air properly.

Apart from the height, take care of the angle as well.

Apart from the height, it is also important to see that the air conditioner is installed at the right angle. The AC should be tilted slightly downwards in the room so that the condensation water can drain properly. If the AC is not tilted properly, it may lead to water leakage and damage to the AC. Also, the air conditioner should be installed at a place where there are no objects like curtains or furniture. Actually, these barriers can stop the wind.

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