Apache entered DCM, condition of both the passengers critical: Trauma Center Lucknow Refer, was standing near Ganauli Petrol Pump

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In the Patranga police station area of ​​Ayodhya, two Apache riders entered the DCM parked on a bike.

The bike rammed into the DCM parked on the national highway in Patranga police station area of ​​the district. Two people were seriously injured in the incident that happened in the afternoon. The police, who reached the information of the incident, admitted the injured to CHC Rudauli. He was sent to the trauma center when his condition became critical.

taken to hospital by police car
The incident took place near Ganauli Petrol Pump on the National Highway in Highway Chowki area. The people present there informed the Patranga police. Referred to Lucknow.

Both the vehicles have been seized by the police.

Highway outpost in-charge Jitendra Kumar Yadav told that Apache rider Himanshu Yadav son Om Prakash Yadav Advocate 18 years and Sandeep son Ram Prakash resident of village Lakhnipur police station Mavai have been seriously injured. Both the vehicles have been taken into possession by the police but no complaint yet. Legal action will be taken on receipt of Tahrir.

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