Anupamaa written update September 5: Anupamaa is conflicted about Toshu and Rakhi’s situation at hospital

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Kinjal’s mom Rakhi Dave confronts Paritosh over his actions in Rajkot, Toshu apologises to Rakhi for his affair with the woman. Rakhi initially wishes to call the police but changes her mind and offers him an ultimatum. Vanraj, Kavya, Leela and Hasmukh are tremendously happy as they spend time amongst one another, anticipating the arrival of the baby to the house. Anuj tells Anupamaa that he notices the effort Barkha and Ankush are putting into making amends but mentions that it may not be enough. Keep reading this article to know more about the show. Also read: Anupamaa recap: Rakhi Dave finally reveals the truth about Paritosh

Anupamaa confronts Toshu on why Rakhi is upset with him

Rakhi Dave confronts Paritosh over the affair he had in Rajkot. She mentions that she wanted to call the police on Paritosh and have him arrested but keeping in mind the interests of her daughter Kinjal and her grandbaby, she changes her decision. Nevertheless, she warns Toshu that if this were to ever repeat again, then she will leave it up to Anupamaa to decide his fate. Anupamaa catches them just as they end their conversation and assumes that something is deeply wrong. Paritosh then escorts Anupamaa outside the hospital room when she stops him and raises his hand on her head. She asks Toshu to tell her the truth as to why Rakhi is upset with him. After a brief conversation over Toshu’s commitment towards the baby and Kinjal, she also tells him that if he breaks his promise to her, then she might do anything which includes cutting off from Toshu.

Vanraj and the Shahs are in a happy, festive mood

Vanraj is recording himself singing a lullaby and is interrupted by Kavya. He reminisces about the times he had his children and how much happier he is with the arrival of Kinjal’s daughter to the family. Vanraj is adamant to spend as much time as possible with his granddaughter, even contemplating taking her for his business engagements as his lucky charm. Kavya smiles and hugs him. Leela and Hasmukh are preparing Ladoos together to feed Kinjal once she arrives home and is interrupted by Samar. They are discussing the arrival of new members to the family. Anupamaa returns home to find Anuj lying in a half-conscious state on the sofa. They embrace and Anuj asks her about her day. They discuss the happenings of the day, including the Rakhi-Toshu situation. Anuj brushes it off saying that if it were something important they would have surely known by now. As they head to bed, Barkha offers help to Anupamaa. Anuj mentions their effort towards taking care of them, but he can’t forgive them.

In the upcoming episode, Anuj has a seizure and later, the next morning is unable to recall yesterday’s events, to Anupamaa’s shock and dismay. Keep watching this space to find all the answers.

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