Anupamaa written update Aug 30: Anupamaa and Vanraj become grandparents; Kinjal welcomes a baby girl

The latest episode of Anupamaa is going to bring exciting news for all viewers as Anupamaa and Vanraj welcome their first grandchild into their family. Meanwhile, Anuj feels incapable as he is not able to join his family in the celebrations because of his sickness. Keep reading this article for more updates. Also Read| Anupamaa recap: Vanraj agrees to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with Kapadias

Kinjal goes to labor pain

The Shahs arrive at the Kapadia house to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi together. They are welcomed by Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik, but Vanraj instantly dismisses them and moves forward. Anuj and Anupamaa come to greet them with little Anu and the veneration begins.

Before the main ritual could start, Toshu receives a call from a girl, Sanjana. He leaves immediately for his interview with a reputed MNC. Kinjal lets Toshu go but there seems to be something fishy behind his claims. But we will only know the truth with time. Stay tuned to HT highlights to find out.

While the entire family comes for the rituals, Anuj doesn’t let Barkha and Ankush participate. However, Anupamaa insists and they invite Barkha and Ankush to perform the rituals. Simultaneously, Kinjal starts feeling uneasy and soon falls down due to labor pain. Anupamaa rushes Kinjal to hospital with Vanraj and Samar. Anuj and little Anu stay behind to continue the veneration.

Anupamaa becomes grandmother

While Anuj wishes luck to Anupamaa and lets her go, he feels disappointed that he couldn’t go with her to support her and Kinjal. GK comforts him but he feels frustrated with his situation and feels like a burden on Anupamaa. Back at the hospital, Samar tries to contact Toshu but the call doesn’t reach through. Anupamaa goes to the OT with Kinjal, who is in a lot of pain and it seems impossible to have a normal delivery.

Anupamaa comes out with the bad news of Kinjal’s deteriorating health. She informs everyone that the only way to save Kinjal and her child is to perform an operation. Leela protests the decision but Vanraj leaves it to Anupamaa to take the final call. Anupamaa consents doctors to perform the operation and soon after, we see celebrations taking place in the Shah family when Kinjal gives birth to a baby girl. Vanraj gives Anuj all updates but the latter continues to feel worried for Anupamaa.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa and Vanraj rejoice in their new roles as grandparents. The two start getting closer with the arrival of the newborn. The rest of the family also dances together but Toshu is still unreachable. In the next episode, Vanraj continues to feel ecstatic over his granddaughter’s arrival. Anupamaa video calls Anuj to tell him the good news. Anuj notices the growing closeness between Anupamaa and Vanraj and feels jealous. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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