Anupamaa written update Aug 18: Vanraj prays for Anuj’s health, thinks he pushed him off the cliff

In this episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj returns home after being discharged by the doctor. Anupama witnesses Anuj wake for a moment from his coma before he returns to unconsciousness. The doctor informs her that she needs to make a decision about whether she would like to take Anuj home to recover there. Little Anu has been missing Anuj and is excited to finally see him back home. Barkha plots to take revenge against the Shahs and Anupamaa by taking over the empire, and shares her plans with Ankush and Adhik. Also Read| Anupamaa recap: Anupamaa confronts Vanraj; Anuj goes back into coma

Vanraj comes home from the hospital

Upon returning home, Vanraj is serenaded with an ‘aarti’ by Pakhi, dolly, and Kinjal. Leela says that Vanraj came home as a result of God’s blessings. Vanraj responds that he wishes God’s blessings are instead showered on Anuj and he recovers soon. He prays for Anuj’s return to health, and little Anu mimics him by drawing a mustache on his face and imitating him. Vanraj smiles and hugs her.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa has to make a decision about whether she wants to take Anuj home. She plays a video game on her phone and talks to Anuj, hoping for him to wake up. Anuj wakes up and touches Anupamaa’s hand, telling her that he wants to go home and be by Anu’s side. The doctor enters the hospital room and calms Anupamaa down, explaining that it’s common for someone to come into brief consciousness when in a coma state and that it’s a sign of Anuj recovering. Anupamaa tells the doctor about Anuj’s wishes of going home, and the doctor warns her that it will be a daunting task and that she needs to think about it practically.

Anupamaa takes Anuj home

Anupamaa takes Anuj home with her, and the Kapadias are ecstatic. However, Barkha is bitter about Anuj recovering quickly as she considers it a hindrance in her plans to take over his business. Meanwhile, Vanraj gets anxious wondering if he is responsible for Anuj’s condition. He still can’t remember what he did before the accident. Stay tuned to know more.

Read the upcoming updates on HT highlights to see Barkha making an attempt to degrade Anupamaa and take over the Kapadia empire. It will be interesting to see what Anupamaa will do next to protect Anuj’s business from Ankush and Barkha. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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