Anuj will come out of coma as soon as Barkha and Ankush show their true colors, Anupama’s happiness knows no bounds

Anupama Spoilers 23 August 2022: These days amazing family drama is going on in Star Plus’s bang serial ‘Anupama’. Anuj has gone into a coma in the show. Here Barkha has also started grabbing the entire property from Anupama. She has caught the legal letter to Anupama. But now a tremendous twist is going to come in Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’. Anuj will come out of the coma and Barkha will have to face her.

Barkha advised Anupama in front of everyone

Till now you have seen in Anupama that Janmashtami festival was celebrated with pomp in Kapadia House. Anupama had asked Kanha ji to pray for Anuj’s speedy recovery, meanwhile Barkha and Ankush surround Anupama. Barkha calls Anupama irresponsible. She says that Anupama is not fit to handle the responsibility of both Anuj and the property. The Shah family is also present in the Kapadia House. In such a situation, Barkha encourages Anupama in front of everyone.

Anuj will come out of coma

Here we are giving complete updates of Anupama’s latest episode to the viewers. In the latest episode of Anupama, you will see that Barkha tells Anupama fiercely and hands her a Kanni letter. Reading which Anupama’s senses fly away. In the latest episode of the show, Barkha and Ankush will be seen raging on Anupama. Ankush will say that now I will take care of the business, Anupama will say to this – If you people have started Mahabharata, then listen, he will come, Krishna will definitely come. Meanwhile, the nurse will come and tell that Anuj has regained consciousness. Anu-Anu will speak as soon as Anuj regains consciousness. In the further story of the show, Anuj will come out of the coma. Ankush and Barkha will be blown away seeing Anuj regaining consciousness. Even the eyes of more will be left open. Now it remains to be seen how Anuj will behave with his brother and sister-in-law.

There is going to be a lot of uproar in the latest episode of the show. At the same time, Vanraj and Kavya will also be seen supporting Anupama.

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