Amitabh Bachchan meets fan who is blind on KBC; recalls feeling guilty: ‘I had lost functioning of many body parts but…’

In his latest blog, Amitabh Bachchan admitted to suffering from medical conditions that led to the loss of functioning of various parts of his body. The veteran actor, who is busy filming his popular quiz show, Kaun Banega Crorepati 14, came forward to reveal how there had been many moments in his life, when he ‘lost the usage’ of some body part or the other, albeit temporarily. He also opened up about meeting Avni, who is blind, on a recent episode of KBC 14, and said he felt ‘guilt’ when he saw young people ‘who have lost their abilities and never got them back’. Read more: Amitabh Bachchan pays attention like a student as KBC contestant explains why maths is one-time investment

Amitabh often pours his heart out on his blogs. On Sunday, the veteran actor, who will soon be seen in Brahmastra alongside Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy, wrote about meeting his fan Avni on KBC 14. He described her as someone, who was ‘challenged by sight but filled with the strength and maturity of God’s grace’. He wrote, “Her clarity of thought, her fearless confidence, her capable ability to accept her condition, and to be able to express to any other, her normalcy was astonishing.”

He further spoke about ‘holding back his tears’ as Avni spoke about herself and how she was a fan of the actor. Amitabh then wrote, “I have often in my moments of alone and in the comparison of the several medical moments I have faced, attempted to give and express a reality that keeps coming back to me… There have been several occasions during my medical torments when I have lost the functioning of various parts of my body – the details I shall not go into – they will sound the seeking of sympathy; but no… what has been expressed has been this… I lost the usage… but the grace of the Almighty and the prayers and wishes of the well-wishers, the blessings of my elders, gave them back to me … perhaps not of the same value as before the issue, but I got it back…”
Amitabh Bachchan on the set of KBC 14 with his fan, Avni.

Amitabh said he felt a ‘kind of guilt’ after meeting Avni and others that have ‘lost their abilities and never got them back’. He wrote, “They that have lost their abilities and never got them back makes you ridden with a kind of guilt… especially when I do encounter the little ones like Avni and many others that I have had the moments to see, meet and spend time with… I lost and got it back… they did not…The fairness of life… unbalanced… a bias in a sense…And I have often searched whether it was a matter to be grateful and filled with benefit… or a lamentation for the other… Life too has such unbalanced virtues and regrets…”

Amitabh wrote he was medically prevented from any close proximity to public presence since recovering from Covid-19 recently. However, his meeting with Avni was filled with an emotion that could only be felt. He wrote, “I touched her and held her hand to give her the sense of my presence along her…”

Amitabh had suffered serious injuries while shooting for his film Coolie in 1982. While filming a fight scene, the actor misjudged a jump and landed abruptly which hurt him badly. He had to undergo multiple surgeries and was put on the ventilator. At a press event in 2015, Amitabh had said, “After my accident on the sets of Coolie, I was infused with the blood of about 200 donors and 60 bottles of blood were injected into my system. The Australian antigen Hepatitis B had only been detected three months ago and it was very new for being detected also among various tests needed to be carried out before giving blood to another patient.”

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