America’s two warships passed through Taiwan, know why China shook

US-China Dispute: The US sent its two warships through the international waters on Sunday in the Taiwan Strait (Taiwan).straight) extracted from . The US Navy itself has given this information. Actually, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had visited Taiwan in the past months. This is the first operation after the increased tension between Taiwan and China due to this visit.

The US 7th Fleet stated that USS Antietam and USS Chancellorsville are operating a routine transit. The statement further said that the warships sailed through a corridor in the strait which is far from the territorial sea of ​​the coastal state.

The largest military exercise was conducted besieging Taiwan

Let us tell you, against Nancy’s visit, China surrounded Taiwan and conducted its biggest military exercise. At the same time, for the last few years, the navies of America and Western countries pass through the Taiwan Strait. China called this action provocative because it has come to claim Taiwan.

Let us tell you, after Pelosi’s visit, China sent several warships sailing in the Strait of Taiwan and surrounding waters.

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