AIIMS doctors removed cysts from pancreas: For the first time complex surgery was done in Bhopal, only 33 such cases were found in a decade across the world

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  • For The First Time, Complex Surgery Was Done In Bhopal, Only 33 Such Cases Were Found In A Decade Across The World.

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fragments of cyst removed from pancreas

For the first time in Bhopal, doctors have given new life to the patient by removing the cyst from the pancreas. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Thursday performed a laparoscopic (telescopic) method of operation for the lump (cyst) deposited in the pancreas. According to doctors, only 33 such cases have been found worldwide in the last decade. According to the information, a 25-year-old girl was troubled by stomach pain for a long time. Even after long treatment, the abdominal pain increased instead of reducing, so he showed the doctor in the Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, AIIMS. After examination here, the cyst was detected in the girl’s pancreas. The doctors said that the girl was troubled by the acute pancreatist. Lumps usually form around the kidneys and lungs. But the accumulation of cysts in the pancreas is considered extremely rare.

surgery was complicated

According to information received from AIIMS, the size of the cyst was large and had clogged the major vessels and other important structures of the pancreas. As open surgery was difficult, doctors decided to remove this cyst by laparoscopic (keyhole surgery) method. The Department of Anesthesia, Radiodiagnosis and Pathology had a special contribution in the operation.

case published in the journal

The girl had hydatid cyst disease which is caused by infection with a worm. It mainly affects the liver, cysts in the pancreas are rare. This case study has also been published by the Korean Association of Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery in its International Journal.

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