Advice to Congressmen of Punjab: Incharge Chaudhary said – talk about the family inside, MLA Khaira had suggested Vading by tweeting

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Chandigarh14 minutes ago

Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Chaudhary has given advice to the Congressmen. He said that the matter of the family should be discussed within, this is my advice to all the Congressmen. Choudhary also ruled out any bickering in the Punjab Congress. He said that all is well within the Punjab Congress. There is nothing to dispute. Although his advice to Congressmen is believed to be directly related to MLA Sukhpal Khaira’s tweet suggesting to Pradhan Raja Vading.

Evolution on notice to Khaira
Harish Chaudhary gave a roundabout answer to the question of notice to MLA Sukhpal Khaira. Chaudhary said that I have given some notice, you are telling this. I will be happy if I get a copy of the notice. Khaira had advised Prime Minister Raja Vading through a tweet not to waste the energy of the entire party in support of former minister Ashu. Instead we should fight on many big issues of Punjab.

CM Mann failed, action on Congressmen tried to divert attention
Chaudhary said that he has failed in the promises made by Bhagwant Mann. He wants to divert attention by taking action on former Congress ministers. He talked about raising money through finance, finance, health and corruption etc. Bhagwant Mann and Arvind Kejriwal should keep the promise to the people of Punjab.

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