Aditya Narayan on being fit to fab

Singer-anchor Aditya Narayan Jha is on a roll on the fitness front since last year. He made headlines for losing 13 kilos after his Covid-19 recovery in 2021, and recently shared about shedding seven kilos in seven weeks, thanks to a strict routine.

“Being an anchor is no easy job. I’m often standing for 8-9 hours. I had a calf muscle injury, too, so I had to do something… I sat down with my dietician and chalked out how to lose 8-10 kg in three-four months,” he tells us, adding, “I have been able to shed six kilos in six weeks, followed by seven kilos in seven weeks. Now, I am around 72 kg.”

The 35-year-old is still continuing with his diet and workout routine — no dairy products, regular gymming, no drinking and smoking, which helps his metabolism.

Stressing on the importance of fitness, he says, “If not now, then when? This is what I asked myself over and over. After my Covid-19 bout, I realized how challenging life can be if you are unfit. Moreover, since I am in a profession where I have to look good and stay fit, I cannot take my health for granted.”

He also shares that good health will make it easier for him to run around and play with his daughter, Tvisha, in the future.

On a lighter note, the Ji Huzoor ,Shamshera) The singer adds, “Waise the best way to lose weight and keep your metabolism working well is to avoid those weekly outings where one tends to eat without any restrictions.”

On work-front Narayan has his hands full be it as a host and his album Saansein will be launched too.

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