Abdullah Azam arrived to meet Rampur SP: Told the cases against Azam Khan, proceedings under political influence

Rampur16 minutes ago

Swar Tand MLA Abdullah Azam talking to the media

Former cabinet minister Azam Khan’s son and Swar Tanda MLA Abdullah Azam met Superintendent of Police Ashok Kumar Shukla. He met the superintendent of police and called the cases against Azam Khan and others based on baseless lies.

Aiming at power, police and divisional commissioner

During this, while talking to the media, Abdullah Azam said that all the cases have been done due to political influence. Describing the cases against Azam Khan Khan and his family as a farce, Abdullah Azam said that Azam Khan has been prosecuted by the plaintiff. Regarding this, Azam Khan has come back home after getting treatment in Medanta for the last 15 days and it is not possible in such a condition. If the law is not left, then also tell us what is our result. Get all the decisions done by the police and those who wrote the case.

Mandla commissioner was targeted without naming

The judicial system has no purpose left. In the judicial process, the police are taking people away by intimidation. Just say it is to be wasted. Don’t let a family leave. To be sent to jail. Work is being done under the pressure of power, there is no doubt about it. There is an officer, in this circle he is very worried about a family. He was pointing towards Divisional Commissioner Anjaneya Kumar. Said without naming that he has come with an agenda to destroy this family. That is why they have been illegally placed on deputation. Keeping all the rules on hold, he is on appointment here. He has not been expected from all sides.

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