A two-year-old innocent fell from the stairs: he started running after seeing his mother in the game, died after 36 hours

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An innocent living in Azad Nagar of Indore died late on Saturday night. He had fallen down the stairs on Friday evening while playing in his house. Due to breathlessness and bone injuries, he was admitted to a private hospital for treatment. He was referred to MY Hospital on Saturday afternoon after his health deteriorated. Where he died late in the night.

According to Azad Nagar police, Om alias Ayam Singh Rajput, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy living in Krishnapuri Colony, died during treatment. Father Amarsingh Rajput told that on Friday son Om was playing with mother Sita in the room. He raised his voice to deliver the goods to his wife. When she went back to son Om, he started running in the game. He was near the descent. Because of this his balance got disturbed. And he fell down the stairs. He kept falling down five stairs one after the other.

When injured, his father took him to Jupiter Hospital. From here he was referred to MY Hospital. Treatment continued throughout the day on Friday and Saturday at MY Hospital. But Om died in the hospital late Saturday night at 1 pm.

the only one among two daughters
Om’s father Amarsingh Rajput told that he has two daughters, 6-year-old Mahi and 4-year-old Manali. Om was born to him in December 2021. Both the sisters loved their younger brother very much. Both the daughters were in the room at the time of the incident. Amar Singh, a laborer by profession, is originally from Lalitpur (Chandora). Six years ago, he started living in Indore in connection with work. The police has established a case in the matter.

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