5 reasons you shouldn’t start your day with carbohydrates, explained by nutritionist

Do you start your day with high-carb foods like bread, biscuit, rusk or cereals and feel lethargic later? Your diet has a crucial role to play in not just weight loss, but also improving your mood, blood sugar levels, and controlling those untimely hunger pangs that prod you to eat more. Studies say consuming carbs early in the morning, immediately after waking up can affect hormones such as dopamine, insulin and cortisol due to which you may feel insatiety, dull mood and become obese over a period of time. Eating protein on the other hand can help you feel fuller for longer which prevents you from snacking throughout the day and at night. So go for nuts and seeds instead of biscuits, choose eggs over oatmeal and prefer besan cheela to aloo paratha. (Also read: High protein recipes: Delicious chickpea dishes to try at home)

Starting your day with a mix of nutrients is the best way to energise your body for the hectic day ahead. Fruits, nuts, herbs and proteins are the right fuel for your body early in the morning which is the best time to consume a high-nutrient diet.

Dietician Manpreet Kalra, Hormone Balance and Gut health Dietitian in her recent Instagram post talked about 5 reasons why one shouldn’t start their day with carbs.


1. Carbohydrates decrease insulin sensitivity which leads to belly fat.

2. They also decrease leptin sensitivity which leads to instatiety and you do not feel full.

3. They weaken ghrelin response which leads to hunger which can lead to unhealthy snacking later in the day.

4. They attenuate glycemic response which leads to lethargy.

5. They can lead to gut dysbiosis which may lead to bloating.


1. Drink 400 ml water from copper vessel after waking up.

2. Start your day with healthy fats – almonds – 5, walnuts – 2 halves, 1 brazil nut.

3. Include nutrient dense drinks like moringa water, gondh katira water or methi seeds water in your morning diet.

4. Have fruits like banana or papaya before breakfast.

5. Have a protein-rich breakfast to feel fuller for longer.


– Chia seeds pudding

– Fermented millet dosa and coconut chutney

– Besan cheela with scrambled paneer + mint chutney

– Vegetable oats with peas and peanuts

– Oats and moong dal idli (with tadka of mustard seeds and curry patta)

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