5 reasons why your diet isn’t working

If even after following a healthy diet you are not getting a desired outcome then you might be making small, but diet-sabotaging mistakes. These can completely inhibit you from reaching your health goals. No matter what diet you’re on, no matter which workout programme you practice, the secret to your health goals is finding the right energy balance for your individual needs. There are many factors that can affect it . Any of them could be the reason that you can’t reach your health goals, no matter what. It may be likely that the problem is a combination of several factors. Evaluate each of the following to see where you can make adjustments. (Also read: National Nutrition Week : Tips to add variety to your diet with Flexible Dieting)

Danielle Hamilton, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, suggested five reasons why your diet isn’t working on her Instagram post.

1. You’re not optimising your digestion

Digestion is the number 1 healing priority of the body. If we can’t break down and absorb nutrients, we will never get healthy. And no, taking a probiotic isn’t enough.

2. You’re focused only on diet and not on your lifestyle

Sleep, circadian rhythm, when you eat, movement, stress reduction, sun exposure, hermetic stressors, supporting detox pathways, mindset, community, spirituality, positivity all these are essential factors for healing.

3. You are spending too much time in a stressed state

Being in a sympathetic state will block digestion, hormone balance, weight loss, healing, and so much more. We need to get into a parasympathetic state more often.

4. You’re eating food sensitivities or inflammatory foods

When you eat foods you’re sensitive to, that means that your body is reacting with inflammation. Inflammation in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut. It not only blocks nutrient absorption but also the inflammation travels throughout your body via your bloodstream.

5. You’re trying to do it on your own and aren’t addressing root causes

When you get all your health advice from different sources, you’re not taking a consistent, root cause approach. Try to take advice from a well qualified expert.

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