3 robber women arrested in Ludhiana: woman’s purse stolen from Field Ganj; The young man followed; Police caught from Cheema Chowk

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Police of Ludhiana city of Punjab has caught three robber women. The women stole the purse of Palwinder Kaur, a woman who came from Patiala in Kucha No. 9 of Field Ganj. Palwinder was shopping at a shop. Three women stand around him. One of them easily picks up the purse of the woman lying near the clothes. The woman came to know about the incident when she started looking for a purse to give money after buying the goods.

When Palwinder could not find the purse, the CCTV cameras installed in the shop were seen. In the footage, it emerged that three women surrounded the victim and easily stole the purse. Her sister living in Ludhiana, who accompanied the woman, sent the CCTV footage to her husband Sumit. Near Sumit railway station works as a mobile. When Sumit saw the video, suddenly his eyes fell on the market.

Identifying the women’s clothes, Sumit recognized the robber women and told his wife. Sumit’s wife immediately reached Police Division No. 2 with Palwinder Kaur. At the behest of the police, Sumit has been chasing the robbers. For about 45 minutes, women roamed in many areas. After registering the complaint of the victims, SHO Arshpreet Kaur raided Cheema Chowk and stopped the women for checking.

When the women were checked, the purse of the victim Palwinder Kaur was recovered by the police. According to Palwinder Kaur, there were about 10 thousand rupees in her purse. The police of police station division number 2 verified the three women and registered a case.

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