3 relationship mistakes we all make; how to avoid them

A romantic relationship is the most delicate kind of partnership that requires constant nurturing, support and introspection. As a natural course of a relationship progressing, the expectations go up while the initial drive of wooing the other comes down. While a relationship undergoes several changes over a period of time, we take time to catch up at times, and this leads to disappointment. Keeping a relationship alive and kicking not only requires physical chemistry and mental support, it also needs introspection. You can either grow old and become wiser or wish time to stop and become disillusioned. When partners do not take out time to think about the quality of their relationship they regret later. (Also read: 5 ways to create emotionally healthy relationships: Expert suggests)

Expectations are always tricky and we end up expecting more than what is feasible at times which could affect your partner’s mental health and eventually drive a wedge between two people. At times, we choose a person and they don’t turn out to be compatible, but we keep expecting them to change for us. However, the saddest reason of a relationship not working is people themselves when they are unwilling to believe that something good can happen to them. Relationships at times can break apart with no fault of anyone as the circumstances may play villain.

Sara Kuburic, a writer and a therapist talked about three common relationship mistakes that people may make in her recent Instagram post.

Sometimes we ask for too much

Although many of us struggle to ask for what we need, sometimes we ask for too much. What is too much? Simply: asking people to meet all our needs and/or needs that are meant to be fulfilled by us.

Sometimes we ask the wrong person

Even if our request is reasonable, sometimes a person is unwilling or incapable of giving us what we want and need. Instead of editing ourselves, perhaps it’s time to examine if the person is right for us.

Sometimes we get in our own way

Sometimes our lack of happiness in a relationship is not about the way our partner shows up, it’s about our inner fears, wounds, and insecurities coming up. Sometimes, it’s hard to let ourselves be happy, to ask for what we need, or accept what is being offered to us. Maybe being “unhappy” has become a familiar and comfortable space for us. It’s time to change that.

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